Chakra of the week- Heart Chakra

Chakra’s are the spiritual connections between this physical world and the other dimensions. They are vortexes that allow for energy to flow to and from this physical dimension to the others.

These representations of each chakra are intended to be more than art, they are meant to be aids in meditation. They will help you tune into the wavelength and frequency of that specific chakra.

As you will notice some of these chakras do not match what is universally accepted as its color of influence. The reason for this is sometimes an object I shoot has the energy and vibration of that chakra without the color most would associate with it.

The personal chakras are going to be more closely represented by the color of influence. However the transpersonal chakras are much more wide open simply because of the variety of exposure they experience.

The number 11 is prevalent throughout this series, it is the number of activation and its purpose in this series is it makes it easier to connect to the 11th dimension where all energy originates. There are 11 pillars in each Chakra and 22 sides, the sides represent 11:11, the number of activation.


The function of the heart chakra is unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. It governs our ability to love others and ourselves unconditionally. It is the link between the lower three more physically based chakras with the upper three that are connected spiritually with ones Self. The healing of this chakra leads to raising personal vibrations to peace and grace instead of operating out of survival, manipulation and fear. It’s location is at the heart, its color is green and its element is air.

To Life



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