Run with Reza

Running.  It’s a simple activity that almost every person on this planet is born with the capability to do.  Yet this simple exercise is the vehicle that Reza Beluchi is using to spread his message for world peace.  Iranian born, he was inspired after the events of 9/11 to change American and world views of his country now characterized as a rogue state.  It is his self-appointed mission to help rid the world of the chaos it is currently riddled with and let the world live in harmony.

This passion was one of the first things he talked to us about upon meeting him, which was interesting enough.   We were driving to go somewhere in the park and we see a guy running while dragging a tire behind him, this has the tendency to grab your attention more than a casual runner would.  Running with a tire gives the impression of running with a purpose, little did we know this purpose was greater than training or just for tickles and giggles.

Later we would meet him and learn his story and why he was here in Death Valley.  Turns out he was here for a couple of weeks to train for the Badwater marathon that occurs every summer.  In case you don’t know, this ultra-marathon is 135 miles non-stop from Badwater, Death Valley all the way to Mt. Whitney.  The race starts at the lowest point in North America at 282 ft below sea level and then proceeds to intimidate by forcing runners over two ridges that are both 5000 ft high, then finishes with a climb to Whitney Portal at over 8000 ft.

In order to bring attention to his charity, Run with Reza, he will be attempting to set a Guiness World Record by running it faster than anyone else before.  This will set the stage and build momentum for his ultimate goal of running around the world, all to help bring people together and to put aside our differences and learn to respect everyone.
That is the driving inspiration for these images, the world could use more Reza’s.  Providing motivation and something for people to do to support his cause that has an admission fee of the price of a pair of shoes.  We did several shoots but since the post-production on these images is so great they will be released later upon completion.

To Life

Check out his website for more information

This was shot during the recent Borax Marathon, behind Reza is Tucki Mtn and the saltcreeks of Death Valley.
Reza running through the Mesquite Sand Dunes.


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